Black Clover Hypes Asta's Devil Debut in New Episode 169 Stills

Black Clover is hyping up the debut of Asta's devil in the first preview stills for Episode 169 of [...]

Black Clover is hyping up the debut of Asta's devil in the first preview stills for Episode 169 of the series! Black Clover's anime will be coming to an end with its final episode at the end of March, and this means there's a lot riding on this next episode in particular to set up this big ending. The penultimate episode of the series will be picking up from the ideas of the previous episode as Asta will not only be learning more about his devil abilities, but will be potentially making them much stronger with the guidance of Nacht.

The first look at the penultimate episode of Black Clover's anime reveals what's going on with Noelle and the others in the Heart Kingdom after their fight with Vanica, but the main draw will be Asta beginning his training with Nacht and enacting the Devil-Binding Ritual. As teased with the opening theme of the series, Asta's devil will be making a full in the flesh appearance with the next episode. Check it out:

Episode 169 of Black Clover is titled "The Devil-Binding Ritual" and it's described as such, "At the battle in the Heart Kingdom, Noelle Silva and her teammates are caught in an explosion caused by Vanica's magic. Noelle and the rest wake up at the place where the Elf Tribe was struck by the Heart Kingdom. They meet with unexpected people there."

The second half of the synopsis digs into the Asta side of things as this will be the biggest draw for the final two episodes, and potentially a second season of the series, "On the other side, Asta decides to learn how to use devil magic from Nacht, but the method is dangerous and involves the usage of forbidden magic. In order to master the power of the devil and defeat the Dark Triad, he must overcome the challenge at all costs."

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