Black Clover Finale Sets Up the Anime's Future

Black Clover has come to an end, and the finale has reminded us all that parting is often such [...]

Black Clover has come to an end, and the finale has reminded us all that parting is often such sweet sorrow. All good things must close at some point, but fans of this magical series did not think they'd have to part so soon. The whole finale came about because of the show's quick pacing since it caught up to the manga, but Black Clover's ending does leave the door open for more to come.

If you are caught up with the anime, then you will know how it all worked out. Black Clover spent a lot of time with Asta and Liebe in its last moments on-air, but its final scene expanded its scope. The moment showed all of the Black Bulls as they began training, and the guild promises to grow even stronger before they fight the Spade Kingdom next.

black clover
(Photo: Pierrot)

So yes, it seems the Spade Kingdom arc is far from over. You might have guessed that based on the manga if you happen to be a reader. Black Clover forewent any sort of original ending and simply left off with a teaser for the future. Asta, Noelle, and the whole gang are spending their off-time training. The same goes for Yuno as well, and you know the wizards with the Spade Kingdom are doing the exact same.

Sadly, there is no telling when Black Clover will return to the small screen. The anime did announce a movie is in the works which will most likely premiere in 2022. But when it comes to the TV show, all bets are off. The manga needs to get far enough ahead that an anime makes sense to pursue, so Black Clover might not return until Yuki Tabata brings his hit manga to a close.

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