Black Clover Finale Goes Out with Fierce Final Fight

Black Clover's finale really went out with a fierce final fight! After a nearly four year run with [...]

Black Clover's finale really went out with a fierce final fight! After a nearly four year run with 170 episode sunder its belt, Black Clover's anime has officially come to an end. As the penultimate episode had teased, the one way Asta could make himself strong enough for a big rematch against the Spade Kingdom's Dark Triad was to work with Nacht and strengthen his devil powers. This involved enacting the Devil-Binding Ritual, a ritual that forced Asta to fight and defeat the devil within his grimmoire in order to gain control of it and its power.

The final episode of the series not only gives us a glimpse into the past of Asta's devil and its surprise connection with Asta's mother, but the series also made sure to sneak in one final fight with the end of the Devil-Binding Ritual. Although Asta had been fighting without the help of his devil that he had been used throughout the series to this point, Asta was able to nab one final victory as he was able to defeat the devil in his grimmoire in the series finale:

The final episode of the anime series saw Asta continue to fight his devil, Liebe, through the Devil-Binding Ritual and it was soon revealed that Asta was outpowered in this conflict as Liebe had full control of the three swords within the grimmoire. Asta struggled, but also felt like no matter how much trash Liebe had been talking, the devil was not actually aiming to kill him.

So when Asta successfully defeats Liebe, he chooses to go against the grain and use the Devil-Binding Ritual in a different way. Sensing that Liebe was a different kind of devil, he instead extends his hand and offers that the two of them should work as equals instead. Asta made clear how grateful he is to Liebe for giving him the power to fight in the first place, and now the two of them will be working together toward their goal of defeat the devils.

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