Black Clover Cliffhanger Promises Huge Asta and Yami Tag Team

Black Clover is promising a major Asta and Yami tag with team with the big cliffhanger from its newest episode! Black Clover's anime run might be coming to an end at the end of March, but that's not stopping the intensity of each new episode. Ever since the Spade Kingdom arc got started at the beginning of the year, Asta and the Clover Kingdom knights have been pitted against some of their toughest fights in the series to date. This even includes the Captain of the Black Bulls, who is being pushed to the limits against Dante of the Dark Triad.

Yami might have been strong enough to help defeat powerful foes in the past all on his own, but Dante is proving to be a much stronger opponent than that. Even after he's managed to break through his limits and use powerful new attacks, Dante's recovered with each one. But as the newest episode comes to an end, Yami seems to have figured out some kind of counter attack as he's surprisingly called out help from Asta.

Episode 166 of the series continues the fight against Yami and Dante, but no matter what Yami seems to do he can't quite get any damage on the devil user due to Dante's instantly regenerating body. But as the episode comes to an end, Yami surprisingly calls out for Asta. This is a huge moment because not only do the flashbacks demonstrate that Yami's never quite called Asta by his name in the past, but it shows just how much Yami has come to respect Asta's power.

After struggling to get up for the past few episodes, this is the final push Asta needs to jump right back into the action. He knows that Yami is relying on him, and now the two of them (who look more alike than ever when they stand together with one another) are poised to fight Dante in the next episode of the series. Now it's a matter of seeing whether or nor their tag team will be enough to take down the Dark Triad member.

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