Black Clover Debuts Yami's Strongest Attack Yet

Black Clover's newest episode debuted Yami's strongest attack in the series yet! Black Clover's anime is coming to an end with its final episode airing on March 30th, and it's beginning to feel that way as each episode has been pitting our heroes against some of their toughest fights to date. The Spade Kingdom arc has been the most intense in the anime so far, and since it kicked off at the start of the year Asta and the other Clover Kingdom knights have not been able to catch a break. Surprisingly, this even includes Yami Sukehiro.

The Black Bulls Captain offered a major ray of hope as he entered the fight against Dante of the Dark Triad, and while he has shown off some impressive new abilities that he harnessed through his six month training period already, the newest episode sees Yami break through his limits in the fight to summon his strongest attack in the anime thus far with a new Dark Magic known as the Death Thrust. Check it out:

Episode 166 of the series revisits Yami's fight against Dante as he's struggling to do damage to the Dark Triad member. Although he's managed to strike him and even draw blood, Dante's devil abilities give him an essentially immortal body that can allow him to instantly regenerate any damaged tissue. Though he's struggling to form a counter strategy, Yami decides he can't give up in front of his squad.

Pushing beyond his limits, he condenses his Mana Zone to an even finer point than before. Channeling all of that into his right arm, he thrusts his blade forward and completely wipes out Dante's torso. He jokes that it was meant to be a thrust that turned into a cannon, but it's unfortunately soon made clear that even this was not enough. Yami manages to hit Dante with even more of these, but his devil's power regenerates his body completely each time.

As Yami struggles, the episode ends with a promise of an Asta and Yami tag team as Asta's anti-magic might be the key to finishing off the villain for good. But what did you think of Yami's Death Thrust attack in Black Clover's episode? Let us know your thoughts in the comments or you can even reach out to me directly about all things animated and other cool stuff @Valdezology on Twitter!