Black Clover's Anime Will End Next Month

All good things must come to an end, and not even your favorite anime can avoid such a fate. Thanks to a new report, Black Clover fans have found themselves in mourning as they've learned the show will be wrapping soon. An update from Japan went live this week confirming the worst for Asta and Yuno. The hit anime will be ending at the last of March, and netizens are feelingly blindsided by the news right about now.

The announcement came straight from the official Black Clover Twitter page. The account posted a brief teaser that informed fans of the impending finale. Black Clover is slated to put forward its final episode on March 30, and there are no known plans to continue the anime from there on out.

As you can imagine, this update comes as a shock to fans. Black Clover may have gotten off to a rough start a few years back, but it has been a hit as of late. The magical series has become a lucrative project for Studio Pierrot, and TV Tokyo lists Black Clover as one of its highest-rated series. The show's finale is certainly a surprise given all of this success, but manga readers knew it was coming.

After all, the show has gotten too close to the manga. Black Clover is still dealing with the Spade Kingdom arc in print, so it would not take long for the show to reach the manga's current point. If the two met, the Black Clover anime would be forced to either diverge from canon to continue its story or undertake some extensive filler arcs. It seems neither of those options has enticed the Black Clover crew, so the show will instead bow out gracefully at the end of March.

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