Black Clover Shines in Battle with Episode 163 Release

Black Clover shined with the fights in Episode 163 of the anime! The war against the Spade Kingdom has officially kicked off following Zenon's invasion of the Golden Dawn's home base, and now the other two members of the Dark Triad have set their sights on two other major targets. While Vanica has turned her attention toward the Heart Kingdom and Queen Lolopechka, Dante Zogratis has honed in on the Black Bulls' home base in search of Yami. The previous episode of the series showed just how much power Dante has at his disposal, and that continues with the newest.

What's different with the newest episode of the series, however, is that Yami has actually arrived at the scene. While the members of the Black Bulls (especially Asta) had struggled to even scratch Dante, Yami has managed to keep up with Dante in Episode 163 of the series. This led to some pretty great sequences overall as the two of them have started to come to blows.

Episode 163 of the series continues the Dark Triad's invasion of the Clover and Heart Kingdoms, and Yami and Dante have begun to face one another. Following the cliffhanger from the previous episode that teased Dante would be fighting seriously, luckily Yami shows up just in time right when Dante was about to kidnap Grey and Vanessa to add to his harem of women.

Yami has been shown to be one of the strongest fighters in the Clover Kingdom (and perhaps the entire series), and even he's having a hard time keeping up with Dante. Although his dark magic is a good counter to Dante's gravity magic, Dante still has a wealth of other abilities at his disposal thanks to his devil possession. But this is only the very start of the fight.

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