Black Clover Teases the Black Bulls' Vice Captain's Tragic Past

Black Clover's putting the groundwork in place for its next huge arc, and one of the most interesting teases is of the tragic past of the Black Bulls' Vice Captain. After missing throughout the rest of the series, the Vice Captain (named Nacht) suddenly appeared in the Clover Kingdom following Yami and Vangeance's capture. Although his arrival provided hope to a hopeless Asta, his appearance also is tinged with a great darkness. There's a brief hint of his tragic past, and it might be tied into his feelings on Yami and the Magic Knights as a whole.

Chapter 263 of the series sees Nacht confront the other Magic Knights as they are trying to form a plan following Yami and Vangeance's capture. Not only did his arrival surprise all of them since he was able to sneak in without any of them really noticing, it's teased that like Asta, he doesn't have magic. But unlike Asta, he used to have it.

When the Magic Knight Captains try and get Nacht out of their meeting, he surprisingly summons a few Devils to his side. It's here that Julius Novachrono confirms to the others that Nacht is the Vice Captain of the Black Bulls, and confirms that he didn't know Nacht was a Devil host. But the real interesting tease comes from the Green Mantis Captain, Jack the Ripper, who recognizes Nacht.

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(Photo: Shueisha)

We briefly see a flashback of Nacht and Yami talking with one another as seemingly part of the Golden Dawn, and Jack "But your magic was," before getting cut off by Nacht. This teases that something happened to Nacht to take away his magic, and his cold response to it teases that Nacht is holding a grudge over what happened years ago.


This further ties into his first meeting with Asta where he confirmed he's stayed away from the Black Bulls' hideout, and considers Yami to be irresponsible among other terrible things. But we'll soon see that with push comes to shove Nacht will take action regardless of how others feel. But what do you think?

Does Nacht's intensity tie into his tragic past? Does his not having magic make him the perfect teacher for Asta? How do you think Nacht got attached to so many Devils in the first place? Let us know your thoughts in the comments or you can even reach out to me directly about all things animated and other cool stuff @Valdezology on Twitter!