Black Clover Sees Asta at His Lowest Point Yet

Black Clover is steadily putting the pieces back together after the Black Bulls' devastating loss to Zenon of the Spade Kingdom's Dark Triad, and the latest few chapters of the series have seen Asta at his lowest point yet. Asta has been making great strides through the series thus far thanks to his growth from just pure effort, but the fight against the Dark Triad saw Asta hit a wall that couldn't be crossed with just effort alone. Asta realized he was just too weak, and for the first real time in the series, he was at a loss for what to do.

Throughout the entire series Asta has been told constantly about how weak he is due to his lack of magic, but thanks to his effort with his Devil powers, Asta has made great strides in making a name for himself. But when he realized that his body was no longer going to be enough to help him win at the end of the day, Asta experienced his first real bout of hopelessness in the series.

Asta and the other Black Bulls were handed their toughest loss yet when Zenon defeated each of them and took Yami back to the Dark Triad's hideout. Asta tried to borrow more power from his Devil, but was denied as the Devil said Asta was simply far too weak to save anyone. These words struck a chord with him, and truly stung considering that he really could not help Yami when his Captain was in trouble.

Black Clover Asta Lowest Point Yet Spoilers Manga
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These words dug even deeper when Asta might the Black Bulls' Vice Captain, Nacht, who further said that someone weak like him could not do anything to save the Captain. When Asta truly let it all sink in, he began to cry over his weakness and blatantly admitted it to himself. Seeing Asta say this out loud, Nacht was inspired to teach him.

As a Devil Host himself, and someone who wants to save Yami as well, Nacht revealed that he will teach Asta how to better use his Devil power. While this was his lowest point, things are already looking up for Asta going forward. What did you think of this development? Surprised to see Asta cry out like this? Let us know your thoughts in the comments or you can even reach out to me directly about all things animated and other cool stuff @Valdezology on Twitter!