Black Clover Explains Why We Never See the Black Bulls' Vice Captain

After missing throughout the entire run of the series thus far, Black Clover's newest chapter explained why we have never seen the Black Bulls' Vice Captain before. After Asta and the other Black Bulls suffered a major defeat from the Spade Kingdom's Dark Triad, they are now left without Yami and without a real plan forward as the Dark Triad now has the pieces they need to open the gates to the underworld. But there's hope just yet in the arrival of the Black Bulls' Vice Captain, Nacht, who was revealed to be a Devil host just like Asta.

Not only did Nacht reveal himself to have great command over his Devil power (which he has promised to teach Asta), but Asta asked him about his role in the Black Bulls. It was here that Nacht revealed that his being Vice Captain was just something that Yami had arbitrarily decided, and that he didn't expect the rest of the group to know.

He reveals that he's really only been to the Black Bulls' hideout once, and explains that it was because he hates Yami. This further emphasizes how much he was trash talking about him in the previous chapter, and further reveals how Nacht truly feels about Yami as a Captain. But the more important thing about this explanation is that Nacht explains that he's actually been on a mission this entire time.

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Nacht explains that while Yami is in danger, they still have some time before Yami actualy dies. He knows this because he's been undercover in the Spade Kingdom all this time, and has finally decided to reveal himself when Yami was taken. It's unclear what his current plan is, however, outside of teaching Asta how to use his Devil's power.


As Chapter 262 comes to an end, Nacht suddenly approaches the Clover Kingdom's Magic Knight Captains (taking them all by surprise) and it seems like he's got a distaste for all of them as well. As the series continues to reveal more about Nacht, the mysteries continues to pile up so what do you think so far?

How do you feel about Nacht's introduction to the series? Curious to see what role he will play as the now leading member of the Black Bulls? What kind of plan do you think he has in mind for the other Captains? Let us know your thoughts in the comments or you can even reach out to me directly about all things animated and other cool stuff @Valdezology on Twitter!