Black Clover Sees Asta and the Magic Knights Prepare for War

The fight against the Spade Kingdom's Dark Triad has gone to the next level as Black Clover's [...]

The fight against the Spade Kingdom's Dark Triad has gone to the next level as Black Clover's newest chapter sees Asta and the Magic Knights of the Clover Kingdom prepare for another major war. It's been tough for the Clover Kingdom ever since the Eye of the Midnight Sun started an invasion of Elves that weakened the kingdom forever. This has gotten worse as now they are teaming together with the Heart Kingdom against the power of the Spade Kingdom, but all of their training and preparation was nowhere near enough. Now it's time for another all-out war.

The Black Bulls' Vice Captain mysteriously arrived after he's been gone throughout the rest of the series, and revealed that he knows all about the Spade Kingdom's plans. When he showed up at the Clover Kingdom's Captains' meeting together with Asta, he laid down exactly what their situation is and that they need to prepare for a raid on the Spade Kingdom itself.

Nacht, the Black Bulls' Vice Captain, revealed himself to not only be a Devil host but willing to teach Asta how to use his own Devil. This plays into his overall plan that he began to detail to the Clover Kingdom Captains. He explained that during his time spying on the Spade Kingdom, he's learned how they plan to open the gates to the underworld.

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Using Yami and Vangeance as the catalysts of the summoning, the gate to the underworld will open in three days. Before this happens and the two of them die, Nacht was to center Asta as a main weapon against them with his Anti-Magic. Forming a new elite group of those capable of defeating a Devil around him, Nacht wants to mount a raid on the Dark Triad's home base in the Spade Kingdom.

Which means, Black Clover is getting ready for another major war that will see some of the most powerful clashes yet as only those on the level of the Devils will be a part of it. But they only have less than three days to prepare, so it's definitely going to be fun to see what they can do in that time.

What do you think of Black Clover's next big war? Do you think Asta and the others can strengthen themselves in time to make a difference? Are the risks just too high this time around? Let us know your thoughts in the comments or you can even reach out to me directly about all things animated and other cool stuff @Valdezology on Twitter!