Black Clover Cliffhanger Sees SPOILER Return to Save Noelle

Black Clover is getting ready for a major counterattack against the Spade Kingdom, and the newest chapter of the series saw a surprising group return to save Noelle. When we had last seen Noelle Silva, she, Nero, and Mimosa Vermillion were helping Lolopechka defend the Heart Kingdom against Vanica of the Dark Triad. Although the three of them debuted the new tag team techniques that they had developed over the course of their six month training, it was clear by the end of the fight that they would not be able to defeat Vanica as she made off with the Heart Kingdom Queen.

But as Vanica left the Heart Kingdom, she set a couple of her followers to self-destruct and Mimosa and Noelle were caught up in these powerful explosions. The newest chapter of the series finally gives us an update on the fallout of this battle, and surprised with the return of Patry along with the former Third Eye of the Midnight Sun elves.

Chapter 264 resumes the meeting between Nacht and the Clover Kingdom Captains as he fills them in on their current situation, and Nacht reveals that he was only able to act as dramatically as he recently has because all three members of the Dark Triad had left. With two of them aimed at the Clover Kingdom, it means that the Heart Kingdom was the target of the third (which we had seen a few chapters prior).

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Then we see Noelle, who has finally woken up from the battle and she sees that Patry, Rhya, Vetto, and Fana have saved her. Unfortunately, this cliffhanger does not give us more information about why they have made their return to the series following the destruction of the Clover Kingdom, but if they are here to help than the fight against the Spade Kingdom is more enticing than ever.


Things have been looking hopeless for Asta and the others as they have been entirely overpowered by the Spade Kingdom's Dark Triad in the first confrontation, but both Nacht and the Elves now provide new allies that could very well turn the tide of the upcoming war between the kingdoms. But what do you think?

Why do you think Patry and the others have made their return to Black Clover? What happened to Mimosa and Nero? Do you think they needed to be saved as well? Will Noelle be involved in the upcoming raid on the Spade Kingdom? Let us know your thoughts in the comments or you can even reach out to me directly about all things animated and other cool stuff @Valdezology on Twitter!