Black Clover Shows Off Noelle's Most Intense Attack Yet

Black Clover has been showing how Noelle Silva has trained to take on Vanica of the Spade [...]

Black Clover has been showing how Noelle Silva has trained to take on Vanica of the Spade Kingdom's Dark Triad, and the latest chapter definitely showed off Noelle's most intense attack in the series yet. Noelle, Mimosa Vermillion, and Nero had been training with the Heart Kingdom queen Lolopechka in order to best prepare to take on the Devil Megicula and its host Vanica specifically. While their tag team was indeed impressive as each of them fought Vanica to draw out as much of Megicula's power as possible, the latest chapter of the series brought the fight to an intense and unexpected level.

Chapter 254 of the series sees Vanica use Megicula's power to the point where they can easily break out of both Nero and Lolopechka's magic attacks keeping her pinned down, and Noelle decides to make an intense final stand against Vanica as she deals what looks to be a violent blow on the Dark Triad member.

The chapter reveals that Megicula's Devil Power weakens any spell arrays around it, and this meant that Vanica was able to dissolve and completely escape from Nero's sealing prison and Lolopechka's water prison spells. Lolopechka's spirit is crushed thanks to her Water Spell spirit Undine being cursed, and the pain of her own curse makes her unable to do anything.

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Noelle sees this and jumps into action with the last bit of Valkyrie Armor that she can muster. Vanica initially writes her off due to their difference in power, but Noelle is able to protect herself against one of Vanica's attacks by sprouting Valkyrie Armor in just the right places to avoid any mortal wounds.

Pushing through this final attack, Noelle catches Vanica by surprise and manages to strike her right through the stomach at the end of the chapter. Bloodied and beaten, it's not quite clear just yet whether or not this will be a successful attack. But Noelle truly has made a major impact on Vanica with this move, and this fight will be going in a different direction from here. Hopefully in the right direction.

But what do you think? What did you think of this latest display of fierceness from Noelle? Will this attack actually do some damage to Vanica? Will Noelle and the others be able to escape this fight safely? Let us know your thoughts in the comments or you can even reach out to me directly about all things animated and other cool stuff @Valdezology on Twitter!