Black Clover Goes All Out for Asta vs. Dante: Watch

Black Clover went all out for Asta's fight against Dante in the newest episode of the series! Part of the reason fans were so excited to see the anime finally adapt the Spade Kingdom arc was because it might we would see some of the biggest fights in the series finally come to screen. With the Spade Kingdom's Dark Triad now making their presence known in the Clover and Heart Kingdoms, we have begun to see some of the massive power at their disposal. Now the oldest of the Zogratis siblings has made his move on the Black Bulls' home base.

Episode 162 of the series sees Dante attacking the Black Bulls all on his own, and he far eclipses every one of their abilities. Asta has thankfully gotten to the base in time after training in the Heart Kingdom, and the episode really puts his new abilities to the test as Asta comes face to face with another devil host who's got complete control of his contract and abilities.

Episode 162 of the series truly impressed fans with the level of detail put into the fight, but unfortunately all of the flash is terrible for Asta and the others as they are completely out of their depths against Dante. Dante is the strongest member of the Dark Triad, and he came to the Black Bulls' base in search of Yami. Yami just might be the only one who can stack up to him as even Asta's anti-magic power doesn't seem to stack up.

When things take a turn for the worst, Asta unleashed a berserk side of his Devil abilities. His body begins to move on its own, and Asta's instinct seems to kick in as it closes the gap in power. But Dante's still only using a fraction of his devil power from what we can see in the episode. The fight is certainly going to get even more intense (and hopefully just as impressive) going forward until Black Clover's final episode.

But what did you think of this fight? Do you think Asta will be able to do some significant damage against Dante or will it end up like Yuno's fight with Zenon? Let us know your thoughts in the comments or you can even reach out to me directly about all things animated and other cool stuff @Valdezology on Twitter!