Black Clover Shows Off Magna's Brutal New Spell

Black Clover showed off Magna Swing's brutal and game changing spell with the newest chapter of the series! The intense second phase of fights against the Spade Kingdom's Dark Triad continues with the newest chapters of Yuki Tabata's original manga series, and the previous chapter revealed the final phase of the fight between Asta and the high ranking devil Lilith (who had absorbed her twin brother Namaah into her body and made herself stronger after Asta had defeated him). But one of the surprises during this fight was the return of some key Black Bulls members.

Appearing in a previous cliffhanger (and thus bringing every Black Bull member to the Spade Kingdom), Zora Ideale and Magna Swing had officially returned to the series after missing for the first half of the Spade Kingdom arc. In that time Magna and Zora had been training all on their own because Magna was deemed far too weak to train in the way the others were. But using that as fuel to his fiery magic, Magna had developed a brutal new spell known as the Soul Chain Death Match.

Chapter 291 of the series sees Magna swoop in to save Jack the Ripper from Dante, and while Dante initially brushes off Magna's fire magic with ease, Magna soon quickly levels the playing field. He knows far too well that he's much weaker than Dante's immense power, and it's soon revealed that Zora and Magna actually witnessed the fight between Dante, Asta, and Yami in the Clover Kingdom before. Zora kept him from interfering because his spell wasn't ready yet, however.

That spell? Magna had developed it with the idea that he was going to be much weaker than the Dark Triad opponents. Surprising Dante, Magna attaches a chain of flame to Dante's chest and ties it back to his own. This immediately takes Dante out of his full power form. Secret Flame Magic: Soul Chain Death Match combines their two magic powers together and splits it equally between the both of them.


With a brass knuckle made of flame, Magna lands a direct hit on Dante's face and this gets Dante to even note that he can feel these hits now. The chapter ends before we can see whether or not Magna can keep it up, but it's definitely an ability that's going to level the playing field between Magna and these devil users. But what do you think?

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