Black Clover Shows Off the Power of Asta and Yami's Tag Team

Black Clover shows off the power of Asta and Yami's tag team with the newest episode of the [...]

Black Clover shows off the power of Asta and Yami's tag team with the newest episode of the series! With the final episode of the anime series fast approaching, the climax of the fights against the Spade Kingdom's Dark Triad is now at hand with the newest episode of the series. After seeing Yami try his hardest to fight against Dante Zogratis in previous episodes, the real strength of this trio began to show as even Yami realized that his power alone would not be enough to take down this monstrous opponent that could heal his body from every attack.

The previous episode ended on quite the emotional cliffhanger that saw Yami call out to help from Asta as he realized that Asta's anti-magic powers would be the key to dealing real damage to Dante, and Asta now is doing his best to keep up with his captain in order to not let Yami down right when he needs him the most. This comes through especially well during Episode 167 of the series that sees the power of an Asta and Yami tag team brings this all to a huge new level. Check it out:

Episode 167 of the series sees Asta and Yami work together for the first real time in the series. Previous fights have seen Yami come to Asta and the other Black Bulls' rescue, but it's a much different take this time as the two of them are truly working with one another. The fight sees Asta struggle to keep up with Yami as well, and even Asta realizes this himself as small moments see Yami continue to push Asta out of the way of attacks or even saves him from some deathly blows.

Not wanting to hold Yami back and wanting to actually help deal some real damage to Dante, Asta dives into himself even further and asks the devil within his grimmoire for more power. Granted the devil more control over his body, he even gives his right arm for a pure distillation of that power. With this extra boost, Asta gets 50 seconds of power that allows him to keep up with Yami. This is even to the point where Yami trusts Asta to deal the final blow with his own sword!

What did you think of this tag team between Asta and Yami? How did you feel about the way the fight with Dante ended? Do you think these two will fight together like this someday? Let us know your thoughts in the comments or you can even reach out to me directly about all things animated and other cool stuff @Valdezology on Twitter!