Black Clover Cliffhanger Finally Brings Back the Missing Black Bulls

Black Clover has finally brought back the missing Black Bulls with the cliffhanger from its newest [...]

Black Clover has finally brought back the missing Black Bulls with the cliffhanger from its newest chapter! The second half of the Spade Kingdom saga continues with the newest chapter of Yuki Tabata's original manga series, and one of the big questions leading in was actually the whereabouts of a couple of the Black Bulls members. Seeing as how two of them had disappeared from the picture throughout the entirety of the first battles against the Spade Kingdom's Dark Triad, their absence only got more egregious as the intensity of fights started to ramp up.

Well, that mystery can now be put to bed with the newest chapter of the series! The newest chapter picks up right after Asta made his way to the Spade Kingdom to save Nacht from the twin devils, Naamah and Lilith, and sees Asta continue to fight and show off his new levels of power. But as the chapter comes to an end, two familiar allies shows up with Zora Ideale and Magna officially making their return to the series after an extended absence.

Black Clover Missing Black Bulls Return Magna Zora Spoilers
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While the other Black Bull members began training to learn how to use spell arrays in the Heart kingdom, Magna was initially denied this as his base power was deemed too weak to learn this new level of magic. The last we had seen of him, he went off into some unknown journey together with Zora. We knew even less about Zora's desires as he showed no interest in training in the first place.

The end of Chapter 289 of the series, Zora and Magna are seen looking on as Asta grows his Demon-Slayer sword to a massive new size and remark about how big he's going to get. With their late addition to the fight against the Spade Kingdom overall, there's a hope that the two of them have grown to the same level as the other Black Bull members.

We have seen the others use techniques such as Ultimate Magic, so Zora and Magna must have something else up their sleeve for the two of them to show up in the Spade Kingdom in such a confident manner. Zora's a sneaky fighter, so perhaps the two of them combined their skills in some way? But now it just remains to be seen what they have been up to all this time!

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