Black Clover Shows Off Asta's Demon-Slayer Upgrade

Black Clover is showing off a new upgrade in power to Asta's Demon-Slayer sword! The newest chapter of the series continues the massive battles of the Spade Kingdom saga, and Asta has finally come into the picture against the unleashed devils of the underworld after saving Nacht at the last second with the previous chapters. Nacht had touted how much Asta could make a difference if he managed to form a Devil Union with the devil in his grimmoire, and the previous chapters have shown this in spades with Asta's full Devil Union.

Not only has this new form given Asta a huge new boost of strength and speed, but has boosted the anti-magic strength of his weaponry as well. The previous chapter of the series showed how his Demon-Destroyer had upgraded thanks to the use of his Devil Union, and the newest chapter of Yuki Tabata's manga series showed how much the power of his first sword, Demon-Slayer, has been upgraded as well.

Chapter 289 of the series picks up right after Asta was able to use his anti-magic to cancel out the devil twins' magic abilities and cuts right through Naamah, but this doesn't stop the twins' attack. Instead, Lilith absorbs Naamah into herself to become an even stronger devil. But this is not enough to deter Asta in the slightest as he charges straight at a massive fireball Lilith throws his way.

Asta yells that all Lilith did was get bigger with her power, and retorts that he has done the same. Thinking back to how much his Demon-Slayer Sword had grown when he charged anti-magic in the past, he charges more anti-magic into his sword than ever before. It grows to the biggest extent than it ever has before and Asta is able to not only block but bounce the giant fireball back with this new upgrade.

Asta has grown Demon-Slayer with his power in tons of moments in the past, but it's clear that his Devil Union has given him much more anti-magic than ever. Now it's just a matter of seeing just how much this new power can help him in the fights to come.


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