Black Clover Reveals Asta's Demon-Dweller Sword Power Upgrade

Black Clover revealed the upgrades in power to Asta's Demon-Dweller Sword with the newest chapter of the series! The fights against the devils of the underworld continues with the newest chapter of Yuki Tabata's Weekly Shonen Jump series, and these fights have shown Asta and Liebe at their best as the two of them have been able to use their Devil Union mode in full for the first real time. Although they made a pretty big debut against a giant demon in the Clover Kingdom previously, the newest chapters have shown what this new transformation can really do.

Not only has this fight against the twin devils, Lilith and Namaah, been a great opportunity to show how much Asta has grown since the Devil Binding Ritual together with Liebe, but it's also shown how much each of their devil abilities have improved with this new form as well. This means each of the swords got a big upgrade in power, and the newest chapter shows what that means for the Demon-Dweller Sword.

Black Clover Asta Demon-Dweller Power Upgrade Spoilers
(Photo: Shueisha)

Following a showcase of how much the Demon-Slayer and Demon-Destroyer swords have grown through the use of Devil Union in the previous chapters, Chapter 290 of the series shows off Asta's use of the Demon-Dweller. With two minutes left of use with Devil Union at the start of the chapter, Asta chooses to counter Lilith's massive fire blast with his Demon-Dweller's abilities.

Just like its uses before, Asta's Demon-Dweller is able to channel energy and shoot it out like a projectile. Here he channels it with his anti-magic power, and sends several sword swipes into the giant fireball. Not only does it cut through the fireball with ease, but Asta uses it in tandem with his upgraded Demon-Destroyer sword to completely taken Lilith by surprise.

Asta might only have access to these upgraded abilities for five minutes, but he's going to need to push even harder considering he's likely the only one left who can do some damage to these devils. He might have defeated the twins, but they're still likely on the lower end of the higher rankings. But what do you think?


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