Black Clover Cliffhanger Sets Up Surprise Brotherly Team Up

Black Clover has set the stage for quite the surprising brotherly team up with the cliffhanger from the newest chapter of the series! Yuki Tabata's manga has been making its way through the third major fight of the raid on the Spade Kingdom as the past couple of chapters have seen how Yuno and Langris have been struggling to keep up with Zenon Zogratis' power. The previous chapter provided some hope, however, as Yuno managed to deal what looked like a lethal blow to the devil user but it was soon made clear that this was nowhere near enough. 

The newest chapter revealed that the depths of Zenon's powers are far greater than Yuno or Langris had expected as it was shown that Zenon's deal with Beelzebub actually had him sacrifice his own heart for that demonic power. This unleashed a much fuller version of Zenon's devil transformation, and with it eventually leads to a surprise save from Finral. With Finral now in the mix, it's going to be a fight between three spatial magic users that will hopefully go better for the Clover Kingdom this time around. 

After the previous cliffhanger had teased that Zenon sacrificed much more to his devil during their initial contract than fans had expected, it was confirmed in Chapter 307 of the series that he pledged his own heart (and even his soul) in exchange for the devil's power. After unleashing his full transformation, he immediately takes Yuno out of the equation with some choice bone magic piercing right through his body. Langris is left standing through this, however, as he was able to defend well enough with his spatial magic. But he's on his last legs. 

Thankfully, Finral suddenly warps in and realizes he did so without even really thinking. Hoping to finally avenge Yami (though apologizing to his Captain for taking a detour like this), he applies his Fallen Angel's Wingbeat directly to Langris and the two of them are able to warp out of the same spatial and bone magic trap that had taken out Yuno. Langris realizes that with his mana zone still making spells possible even within Zenon's space, and Langris' teleportation magic being much quicker, the two of them actually have a chance of taking down Zenon as the two of them head forward into a full fight. 

We have seen unexpected fighters taking down the Dark Triad's other two members before, so this could really work out for Finral and Langris. But what do you think of Black Clover's newest cliffhanger? Is the fight against Zenon coming to an end soon? Let us know all of your thoughts about it in the comments! You can even reach out to me directly about all things animated and other cool stuff @Valdezology on Twitter!