Black Clover Unleashes Zenon's Full Devil Form

Black Clover has unleashed Zenon Zogratis' full devil form with the newest chapter of the series! Yuki Tabata's original manga series is continuing through the battles in the intense raid on the Spade Kingdom, and with the first two Zogratis siblings now defeated the focus has shifted to the fight between Zenon, Yuno and Langris. As we have seen from the previous two fights thus far, even when it looks like the Clover Kingdom fighters have an edge over their devil infused opponents, the veil is soon pulled and an even more terrible threat is unleashed as a result. 

Previous chapters have shown that while Yuno and Langris have managed to boost their respective abilities, it wasn't enough to defeat Zenon just yet. The previous chapter of the series took this one step further and made it seem like Yuno had managed to deal a fatal attack, but it was teased that this would only evolve Zenon further as we had yet to see the full extent of his deal with Beezlebub. As revealed with the newest chapter of the series, his deal has basically made him a full fledged devil himself and results in a terrifying full form that's unleashed and puts Yuno and Langris on edge. 

It was previously hinted that Zenon had more of an aptitude for the devil's power than his two other siblings, and it's soon revealed in Chapter 307 that he used that aptitude to its fullest extent. After his heart is essentially broken when he kills his friend to survive a devil's attack, he asks Beelzebub for a full devil's heart. He even goes as far as pledging his soul should the Spade Kingdom continue thriving and Beelzebub agrees. This leads to the reveal of Zenon's full form. 

This full form strengthens Zenon's spatial and bone magics in ways they weren't before, and it's become clear to both Yuno and Langris that this fight has gotten to another league above their own. Yuno is even pierced through the chest and slammed into a wall by Zenon's bones, and Langris only survives through a surprise save from his brother Finral. It's clear that they're going to need more than luck on their side for this one, however, as Zenon is already proving to be far terrifying than the other two Dark Triad members. 


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