Black Clover Chart Updates Our Heroes' Post-Timeskip Ages

When it comes to Black Clover, things in the anime are ready to heat up with a new arc. After a [...]

When it comes to Black Clover, things in the anime are ready to heat up with a new arc. After a brief filler interlude, the show is set to tackle the Spade Kingdom arc at long last, so it seems a time skip is on the way. And before anyone can get confused about the skip in question, a chart has been released that informs fans of how much time has passed.

As you can see below, the chart was released in the most recent issue of Weekly Shonen Jump. The graphic was put out to answer any lingering questions about the time skip coming for the anime. It turns out no more than a year has passed for our heroes, so you shouldn't expect the Spade Kingdom arc to come off like a Shippuden jump.

Asta and Yuno are said to be 17 in the series once the time skip ends. This jives as Asta was just 16 before the flash forward went down. Noelle is also 17 at this point, and Nero stands at 18.

The rest of the Black Bulls are updated with their current ages, and their leader is not exempt. Yami is shown to be the oldest on this list as the Black Bull head is 29 years old. Honestly, fans might be surprised to hear that as the mage comes off as a bit older, but Yami isn't even in his thirties just yet.

For anime-only fans, this chart will be immensely helpful to keep in mind. The filler arc which was shown recently covered the six-month training venture our heroes took. In that time, Asta and the gang learned how to better hone their skills, and they did so in preparation of war. After all, the Spade Kingdom is determined to lay waste to its neighbors, so the Clover and Heart Kingdoms have no choice but to defend themselves from such an assault.

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