Black Clover Promo Teases Noelle's Feelings for Asta

A curious Black Clover is teasing Noelle's feelings for Asta. One of the core facets fans have [...]

A curious Black Clover is teasing Noelle's feelings for Asta. One of the core facets fans have been intrigued is seeing how Noelle Silva's view of Asta has changed over the course of the series. While she continues to berate him on the outside, inside fans have been privy to her inner thoughts that reveal what she truly feels about him. There's been a noticeable sense of attraction that Noelle displays for Asta, but the series has not gone as far as having Noelle confirm this feeling for herself as she's always one step shy of realizing her romantic feelings for Asta.

But Yuki Tabata's original series might be getting ready to change things. As spotted by @Nite_Baron, @MoeSand_ and @ChrisJo51490685 on Twitter, a new description for Noelle in Volume 27 of Black Clover officially notes that she likes Asta, but it's also important to note that it doesn't seem to reveal whether Noelle has confirmed it for herself.

Regardless, this is a huge step for Black Clover overall. While Noelle's romantic hints have pretty much confirmed for fans that she likes Asta, Noelle notably denies it herself as she's always pointing out a flaw in Asta or having some other grudge when she is confronted by her crush. The series has yet to state it outright either as none of the other characters have outright said this to Noelle out loud (though there were a few knowing nods).

The anime has taken this even further and -- without giving away too much about where the manga is at currently -- has pretty much put far more attention into this subplot than the action-packed manga has been able to do. That's why the upcoming Spade Kingdom arc is an exciting one for the anime as it could choose to further flesh out Noelle and Asta's potential romance. But maybe Tabata is getting ready to give Noelle a romantic eureka moment?

What do you think? Do you think Black Clover will finally have Noelle confirm her feelings for Asta? Do you think Asta will reciprocate those feelings when the time comes? How do you see this subplot working out? Let us know your thoughts in the comments or you can even reach out to me directly about all things animated and other cool stuff @Valdezology on Twitter!