Black Clover Cliffhanger Puts Major Character in Danger

Black Clover has officially kickstarted the final arc of the manga with a bang, and the final moments of the newest chapter of the series have put a major character in the villain's clutches! The final arc of Yuki Tabata's original manga series has wasted no time in jumping into the thick of the action as following a fifteen month time skip from the end of the fight with Lucifero, Asta already found himself in his first big fight with the main villain for the grand finale, Lucius Zogratis. Through this fight we have seen just how deadly of a villain he will turn out to be.

The fight between Asta and Lucius has kicked off with the previous chapters of the series as the villain made his move on the Clover Kingdom, and unfortunately Sister Lily was caught in the middle of it all as Asta had brought her to his side in the first place. Previously confessing his love to her one final time before officially moving on, Lucius interrupted at the worst time before she could make her safe escape. That put her in the crosshairs of Lucius specifically as he captures and brainwashes her before the latest chapter of the series comes to an end. 

Chapter 334 of Black Clover reveals just how wide of a gap Asta is to Lucius' current level of power, and then the villain twists the knife even further when he reveals that he also has a new kind of magic. Developing Soul Magic through the use of his two souls within his body and knowledge of being from a family of devil hosts, this new magic allows him to control human souls directly. It's here that he sneaks behind Sister Lily and demonstrates what this power does as he transforms her into the same kind of angelic form that he unleashes. 

Using his powers to transform Sister Lily to make her "happy," Lucius gives her an angelic like transformation where it seems like he was rewritten her mind completely. She asks Asta to die in the name of world peace, and Asta is so stunned by this that he leaves himself open for an attack from Lucius as the chapter comes to an end. So not only is his childhood crush caught in the villain's clutches, she's likely going to be far from the only one who will be captured and transformed in such a matter

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