Black Clover Explains Why the Spade Kingdom Needed Yami

Black Clover is setting the stage for its next huge war, and the newest chapter revealed why Yami [...]

Black Clover is setting the stage for its next huge war, and the newest chapter revealed why Yami has been put in the center of the fight against the Spade Kingdom. Setting this new stage in motion was Asta and Yami's defeat at the hands of Zenon of the Spade Kingdom's Dark Triad, and Yami was taken hostage along with Golden Dawn Captain William Vangeance for some nefarious reason. Although it was teased that these two were keys in opening the gates to the underworld, the newest chapter of the series explained how exactly they fit in their plans.

Chapter 263 of Black Clover has the Black Bulls Vice Captain Nacht lay out the full plans for the Spade Kingdom as he had been spying on them for sometime. As it turns out, Yami and Vangeance will serve as the sacrifices constantly being tapped into as the lower levels of the underworld open one by one over the course of seven days.

As Nacht breaks down the situation, the Clover Kingdom has to act fast if they want to save Yami and Vangeance. While they are being kept alive for now, in a few days they will begin the Advent of Qliphoth ritual to open the gates of the underworld. Yami and Vangeance will be the central sacrificial lambs for the ritual.

Black Clover Why Spade Kingdom Needs Yami Explained
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Over the next seven days, Nacht reveals that this ritual will begin and slowly open the seven gates of the underworld unleashing the ten powerful demons inside. Yami and Vangeance will be kept alive throughout the ritual, but they will die as soon as it's completed. To that end, Nacht wants to ready them for the next phase of the fight.

Planning to make Asta their ultimate weapon and forming an elite group of fighters around him, they will mount a new attack on the Spade Kingdom in a couple of days before the ritual can be completed. This also confirms why Nacht was so confident in Yami still being alive when he first met Asta, he knew the scope of the Dark Triad's planned ritual.

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