Black Clover Reveals Plans to Make Asta the 'Ultimate Warrior'

Asta might have taken a major string of losses lately, but the newest chapter of Black Clover [...]

Asta might have taken a major string of losses lately, but the newest chapter of Black Clover revealed new plans to change that around and make Asta the "ultimate warrior" of the Clover Kingdom. Although Asta and the others have been preparing for the Spade Kingdom's attack for the last six months, the fight against the Dark Triad revealed just how truly unprepared they were for the battle. This initial raid ended with a major loss for the Clover Kingdom as both captains Yami and Vangeance are currently in the clutches of the Dark Triad as they prepare to open the gates to the underworld.

Now the Clover Kingdom has no choice but to prepare for a full on war against the Spade Kingdom, and the recent appearance of the Black Bulls' Vice Captain Nacht has not only provided Asta with an opportunity to grow stronger but now it appears he must grow stronger as Nacht will have him be the anchor of their plans going forward.

Nacht suddenly arrived after Yami had been captured by Zenon of the Dark Triad, and it was revealed that he was a Devil host just like Asta. He then stated that he would be willing to teach Asta how to better use his Devil, and in Chapter 263, it's revealed that this was Nacht's plan all along. Detailing the situation to the Magic Knight Captains, Nacht explains that Anti-Magic will be key.

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With the Dark Triad set to open the gates of the underworld in three days, Nacht plans to make Asta the Clover Kingdom's ultimate warrior. Stating that his anti-magic holds that kind of potential within it, Nacht wants to build an elite force around Asta that will team up with him for a raid on the Dark Triad's base.

Only those strong enough to potentially defeat a Devil can join the upcoming battle, and it appears that this sparked Asta and Yuno's rivalry in a new way too. Upon hearing those plans to have Asta serve as the anchor, a strange look of shock crosses Yuno's face as he realizes his rival might just be pulling ahead. But what do you think?

Curious to see how Asta's anti-magic will make him the Clover Kingdom's ultimate warrior? How much stronger do you think he can get in such a short time? What sort of training do you think Nacht will put him through? Let us know your thoughts in the comments or you can even reach out to me directly about all things animated and other cool stuff @Valdezology on Twitter!