Black Clover Sees Yami Finally Acknowledge Asta's Strength

Black Clover's newest episode sees Yami finally acknowledge Asta's strength! One of the central [...]

Black Clover's newest episode sees Yami finally acknowledge Asta's strength! One of the central tenets of Yuki Tabata's series as a whole has been the ability to accomplish big dreams through pure effort. There's no better example of this than the dynamic between Asta and the captain of the Black Bulls, Yami. Ever since he was introduced to the series, Yami spoke of nothing but pushing beyond one's limits in order to achieve new levels of strength, and he recruited Asta to his squad when he noticed that spark within him. Now that spark has ignited into a full on flame with the newest episode of the series.

The fight against Dante of the Dark Triad continued with the newest episode of the series, and saw Yami try his best to push beyond cede limits and win the fight on his own. But with Dante's body continuing to regenerate with his devil's power, Yami surprises both the Black Bulls and fans with a full acknowledgement of Asta's power by saying he couldn't defeat Dante without him!

Episode 166 caps off the string of similarities seen between Asta and Yami since the Spade Kingdom saga began. When the series first revealed its timeskip and how much Asta had changed in that time, fans began to point out how Asta was starting to look a lot more like Captain Yami (this came through especially with the opening theme sequence of the series). With this newest episode, it's not only visual but thematic as well.

Yami calls out for Asta at the end of the episode, and it gives Asta one more burst of strength after he had failed to get up on his own. Flashing back to all of the times Yami had referred to him by different nicknames, hearing Yami actually say Asta's name is a full acknowledgment that Asta has grown into his own person. This is on top of the visual cues as they stand next to one another and prepare to take down Dante.

Yami's relying on Asta to keep up and help with his anti-magic strength, and Asta is now going to do everything he can to not let his mentor down. But what did you think of this moment between Asta and Yami? What do you think it means for Asta's future? Let us know your thoughts in the comments or you can even reach out to me directly about all things animated and other cool stuff @Valdezology on Twitter!