It's the Perfect Time to Check Out Black Clover

It's really the perfect time to check out Black Clover! The anime might have announced it will be officially coming to an end with its final episode airing at the end of March, but that's honestly no reason to stop from seeing what all of the fuss has been about! Yuki Tabata's original series combines familiar elements from action series of the past, but gives them a brand new twist thanks to its magically infused world. It's a story about how an underdog rises through the ranks to accomplish his dream and fighting all sorts of evil threats along the way.

But with so many great action series vying for our attention these days, why should you actually visit Black Clover? Why is now the perfect time to do so with the anime coming to an end? Simply put, it's easier than ever to catch up with the episodes. And with the manga releases still continuing each week, there's still plenty more to enjoy!

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When the anime first made its debut, it garnered an admittedly bad reputation for also admittedly worthwhile reasons. It's not like the premiere episodes were particularly bad or paled in comparison to other major action franchise debuts of its ilk, but Asta's voice actor Gakuto Kajiwara was rough. There's no real way to avoid this criticism as Kajiwara continued to yell through most of those first episodes.

Asta was one of Kajiwara's first real full time, main character roles, and those first episodes felt the brunt of most of that initial rough patch. It's not hard to blame fans for dipping out of the series from that first impression, but it's so worth it to make it beyond those first episodes. It's a common anime fan thing to argue that you should watch a few episodes before giving up, but that's totally the case here.

The anime has shown some incredible improvement over its first run, and has impressed with many of its fight scenes. But if you wanted to skip out on the anime yet still check out the series, Black Clover's original manga is honestly your best bet for this. Tabata's series has some of the best pacing in the entirety of Shueisha's Weekly Shonen Jump's catalog.

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Chapters are a breeze to read. The art is sharp, there's a fantastic balance of deep blacks, and battles are frenetic and fast. The series doesn't linger on moments that it doesn't need to for long. There are no extended training arcs (with the one notable one actually skipped over in favor of a timeskip), and Asta and the other fighters instead grow naturally through each major challenge.


Black Clover is actually the perfect fit for binge anime or manga experiences, so it's just the right time to jump in before the next phase of the franchise continues with a new series, movie, spin-offs or whatever it has planned! The series is continuing with new chapters as well, so it'll be the perfect way to scratch that itch with no new episodes each week.

But what do you think? How do you feel about Black Clover as a whole now that the anime is ending? Do you want to see it continue someday? Would you recommend the manga or anime to new fans? Let us know your thoughts in the comments or you can even reach out to me directly about all things animated and other cool stuff @Valdezology on Twitter!