Bleach to Shares 'Big News' Next Week

Bleach is one of those series that fans cannot let go of. Back in the day, Ichigo Kurosaki ruled [...]

Bleach is one of those series that fans cannot let go of. Back in the day, Ichigo Kurosaki ruled at the top of the shonen industry, and fans were happy to follow him. The Soul Reaper kept fans coming back thanks to its action-paced manga, and the anime became a fan-favorite as well. The title has been wrapped for years now, but Bleach fans have never given up hope on a comeback... and a new tease has them convinced that the comeback is on its way.

For awhile now, Shonen Jump has teased some big Bleach news coming down the pipe, but nothing about the franchise has been set in stone. Now, fans know the magazine will put out a "big news" bulletin shortly, and the news comes from WSJ_Manga on Twitter.

At this point, there is no word on what the reveal has to do with, but it will be coming next week. Fans are lobbying hard for either a new anime or reboot if they are lucky. This print announcement will run alongside the announcements originally planned for Anime Japan. The massive convention was slated to take place at the end of March in Japan, but the coronavirus has put a stop to it. Still, Bleach has announced it will share its planned announcements remotely via livestream. So if fans are going to get a sneak-peek at what is to come, it will be through Shonen Jump in a week.

Of course, fans have their ideas of what the tease is about. Aside from the anime pleas, Yonkou Productions on Twitter has said Burn the Witch - a recent ones hot done by Bleach creator Tite Kubo - was slated to get an anime adaptation. Other rumors have swirled about a new game or mobile title, but fans are hoping beyond hope a new anime is produced from all of this hype.

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