Bleach Cosplay Flows With Femme Fatale Rangiku

Bleach is looking to have a big year, with a brand new chapter of the manga series created by Tite [...]

Bleach is looking to have a big year, with a brand new chapter of the manga series created by Tite Kubo to celebrate the Shonen franchise's upcoming anniversary, and one fan has created some dazzling new Cosplay that focuses on one of the fan-favorite members of the Soul Society, Rangiku. While the premise of this upcoming special chapter has yet to be revealed, perhaps it will give us a sequel story that will once again bring us into the world of Ichigo Kurosaki, with the Shonen series being out of commission for years since ending its run in Weekly Shonen Jump.

This upcoming manga story is just one of many things for Bleach fans to look forward to, as an anime adaptation of the final story of Ichigo and his friends is currently in the works with the Thousand Year Blood War Arc. While we have yet to receive any word as to a release date or when we can expect a trailer to arrive, fans of the Shonen series have been waiting patiently for the franchise to make a return. Of course, Bleach fans were given a new side story in Burn The Witch that was released recently, diving into a world of witches that co-habitats with the Soul Society.

Instagram Cosplayer Boom Boom Arisa shared this spot-on recreation of one of the most popular members of the Soul Society who is set to have a major role in the upcoming anime adaptation of Bleach final story in the Thousand Year Blood War Arc:

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For those unfamiliar with Rangiku, she is a powerhouse among the grim reapers known as the Soul Society, with her "Shikai" allowing her to transform her sword into ash, which will then allow her to cut whatever the ashes themselves touch. Unlike so many of her compatriots, Rangiku has yet to unleash her Bankai, leaving a major hurdle for the Soul Society member to overcome, though with the series having ended, it's one that she may never have the chance to tackle.

What do you think of this Rangiku Cosplay? What do you think the upcoming special chapter of Bleach will be about and do you think it will leave open the door for a potential sequel? Feel free to let us know in the comments or hit me up directly on Twitter @EVComedy to talk all things comics, anime, and the world of the Soul Society.