Bleach Will Release New Manga Chapter Very Soon

It has been a long time since Bleach poked its head around manga readers, but that will be [...]

It has been a long time since Bleach poked its head around manga readers, but that will be changing before much longer. Thanks to a recent report, fans of the hit series are bugging out after learning that Ichigo Kurosaki is planning a comeback. Weekly Shonen Jump is reportedly slated to debut a massive Bleach chapter this August in light of the manga's anniversary, and it will be published more than five years after the title originally ended.

So yes, it is time to celebrate. Bleach is coming back for a new chapter this year, and it will be helmed by Tite Kubo. The creator is overseeing the project in honor of Bleach's 20th anniversary, and fans are freaking out in a big way.

According to the latest Shonen Jump promo, Bleach will publish a one shot in issue #36/37. The project will total 73 pages, and that is all we know so far. As you can understand, the details on this one shot are being kept quiet, but fans are eager to see how Bleach launches this much-awaited comeback.

After all, this one shot is far from Kubo's only work these days. If you will recall, the artist made a return to Shonen Jump with a short manga titled Burn the Witch. The supernatural title ended up getting an anime adaptation last year, and Kubo has said there is more of the series to come.

While fans wait on Burn the Witch, Kubo has kept busy with Bleach. The artist has been secretly working on this one shot, but that is not all. It was announced last year that Bleach will be mounting an anime revival soon enough. The hit series plans to adapt the manga's Thousand-Year Blood War arc, but very few details have gone live about the project since it was announced. But once this one shot is out of the way, well - anything is possible.

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