Bleach Teases Trouble With Next Episode Title

The Thousand-Year Blood War arc rages on in Bleach's big anime return, with the latest episode not featuring Ichigo Kurosaki at all, but perhaps having the biggest effect on the Soul Society to date. With the head of Soul Society, Yamamoto, clashing with the Wandenreich leader, Yhwach, the battle has seemingly come to a close and the Soul Reapers are staring down the barrel of some serious trouble in the immediate future as a result. Now, the next episode title has arrived for the Thousand Year Blood War hinting at dark times ahead.   

Following Yhwach defeating Kenpachi in a one-on-one fight, the head of the Soul Society, Yamamoto, entered the fray and had a battle with the Wandenreich leader that might go down in history as one of Bleach's most brutal and explosive battles to date. With the elderly Soul Reaper unleashing his Bankai for the first time, which set a large area on fire while also allowing Yamamoto to employ those who fell before him as his skeleton army, things were looking good for the Shinigami, but unfortunately, this view didn't last. With the Yhwach that Yamamoto was battling revealed to be a doppelganger, the true Sternritter leader unleashed his power, stole the Soul Society leader's Bankai, and cut through the old man, leaving our heroes in a terrible situation.

Bleach: The Dark War

The seventh episode title for Bleach's Thousand Year Blood War is "Born In The Dark", hinting at rough times ahead for the Soul Society following the tragic loss of their leader and the countless Reapers that have been eliminated by the Wandenreich since the start of their assault.

This latest anime season will reportedly be split into four cours, running over fifty episodes to help in running through the manga arc that was originally seen as the last hurrah for Ichigo Kurosaki and his friends. Last year, creator Tite Kubo released a special manga chapter that saw Ichigo and company years following the Blood War's conclusion, and with the installment ending on quite the cliffhanger, there is certainly a possibility that the Soul Society might be returning to the pages of Weekly Shonen Jump in the future.

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