Bleach Creator Confirms His Involvement in The Blood War

Bleach's Thousand Year Blood War is only a few episodes into this titanic tussle, but the clash between the Soul Society and the Wandenreich has been beyond brutal so far. With countless Shinigami and Arrancar falling beneath the blades of the Sternritter, this is a Shonen season that many believed would never take place. Luckily for anime fans, creator Tite Kubo was pushing for this outcome and has taken a special part in bringing this new season to life.        

Tite Kubo hasn't confirmed that he will be returning to Bleach's manga any time soon, though last year saw a surprise one-shot that certainly left the impression that we might see Ichigo and the Soul Society return to Weekly Shonen Jump in the future. In the one-shot special, it was revealed that when a Shinigami becomes too powerful and perishes, their energy, and their souls, must be sent to the underworld in order to maintain the balance of the afterlife. With the Shinigami Captains banished to hell, they have an ax to grind with the Soul Reapers and it seems as though an older Ichigo might be facing off with these former allies.

Bleach: Tite Blood War

Tite Kubo recently confirmed that he is writing "some" of the original content that is taking place in the Thousand Year Blood War's anime adaptation, sharing that he also helps in creating the poems that take place at the end of each episode and some spoken words that had never found their way into the manga.

The Thousand Year Blood War Arc was the last major storyline of Bleach's original run in Weekly Shonen Jump, with the finale considered by many anime fans to be the last that we'd ever see from Ichigo Kurosaki and the Soul Society. The current anime season will have over fifty episodes to its name, though it has yet to be confirmed whether the anime and manga will continue by taking advantage of this hot streak.

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