Aqua Teen Hunger Force Creator Casts Doubt on Series Return

One of the creators hints at the idea that we might have seen the last of Master Shake, Frylock, and Meatwad.

Aqua Teen Hunger Force was one of the first series that helped to establish Adult Swim as the premiere programming block for surreal animated series. First premiering in the year 2000, Meatwad, Frylock, and Master Shake have twelve seasons to their names and two feature-length films. Unfortunately, following the arrival of season twelve, one of the show's creators took to social media to plant seeds of doubt regarding the future of the Adult Swim favorite that has endured for decades.

Last year, we here at ComicBook had the chance to talk with series creators Matt Maiellaro and Dave Willis about continuing the series, as the duo stated that they would love nothing more than to bring back the trio. In the chat, Maiellaro even stated that they would go so far as to spend their own money to bring back Aqua Teen Hunger Force



WILLIS: But we'd have to get green-lit today. There's a clock on this deal. They have to get back to us by midnight or else we'll make episodes and destroy them in front of them to show them how little...

MAIELLARO: We'll spend our own money to make them.

WILLIS: That's right. We'll spend our own money to make them and then never show them to anyone. Destroy them, run them over a magnet in front of them."

Is Aqua Teen Hunger Force Over?

In a social media thread on X, Aqua Teen creator Matt Maiellaro responded to a question as to which animated series should be brought back from cancellation, suggesting that Aqua Teen Hunger Force would make for a good candidate. While Adult Swim hasn't confirmed that the series is canceled, this seems like ill tidings for those who were expecting either a thirteenth season or a new film to follow Plantasm

If you missed the latest season of Aqua Teen Hunger Force, season twelve, it is currently available to stream on MAX. In the past, there have been several examples of series across the board getting a new lease on life if enough viewers tune into past episodes, and while this might not be the case for the Aqua Teens, it couldn't hurt revisiting their surreal adventures.

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