Bleach: Thousand-Year Blood War Gets Bloody With Kenpachi's Comeback

Bleach: Thousand-Year Blood War has finally brought Kenpachi Zaraki to the new anime, and he has really exploded onto the scene with the same kind of brutality fans fell in love with in the first anime over a decade ago! The first few episodes have fully thrust the Soul Society into a huge invasion from the Sternritter forces, and with it have revealed that each of the Captains are now facing a much deadlier group of foes than they ever have faced in the past. But it's a different case for Kenpachi as he easily mows through the very same enemies.

Kenpachi was one of the characters fans were excited to see most in the anime taking on the final arc of Tite Kubo's manga series, and the newest episode of the series has fully revealed why fans had been so anxious as he easily tore through three of the powerful Sternritter. Ignoring much of their abilities with the same kind of full frontal brutality that made him a fearsome foe in the past, Kenpachi is allowed to get very gory in the new series teasing the kind of bloodshed he'll lead to as the anime continues. 

How Does Kenpachi Return in Bleach's New Anime

Episode 5 of Bleach: Thousand-Year Blood War continues some of the captains' struggles against their Sternritter opponents, but hilariously reveals that Kenpachi has quickly killed three of the invaders while everyone else had been struggling with one. Revealing that he easily took down an opponent that turned into a giant gorilla but cutting him in half, then he killed another who had some kind of power using their words by ripping out their throat, and then another that copied his own abilities. 

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It's the kind of battle maniac level of Kenpachi that fans fell in love with before, but much more violent in order to fit the darker tone and higher stakes of the final arc of the series. Now he's challenging the leader of the Sternritter overall, so it might not end in the same bloody way, but it's certainly a good tease of the kind of violence Kenpachi will be unleashing over the rest of the series moving forward. 

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