Boondocks Star Reveals Sony Pictures Has "Pulled the Plug" on Reboot

The Boondocks star Cedric Yarbrough has confirmed that the reboot is no longer happening. During an interview with 1-on-1 w/Deuces, the actor explained how Sony Pictures Television has "pulled the plug" on the revival attempt. A lot of fans had been looking forward to The Boondocks tackling Huey and Riley's story in the current world. However, it's not meant to be. Clearly Yarbrough is sad to see the show go and has some hopes that it can be rebooted some day in the future. But, for now, things aren't looking so hot for a return to Woodcrest. Read what he had to say about the show down below.

"I hate to say this, but… The show is, right now, not coming back," Yarbrough explained. "I don't know if this is breaking news, but we've been wanting to do the show. And Sony… they decided they're going to pull the plug. So, I don't know. Hopefully, maybe one day we'll be able to revisit. If we don't then that's what that is. But, I wish the show was coming back."

"They've surrounded us with an amazing cast. Regina King, so brilliant. The late, great John Witherspoon was fantastic," he said. "Gary [Anthony Williams] is killing it. [Aaron] McGruder and Carl Jones are giving us the permission to go there. They're like 'Yes! Improvise. We'll do the script but you know f*** around. Do you. Let's see what you got.' That gave that show the heartbeat. It wasn't just a written show with Black minds. It's also a written show with Black arts as well." 

Series creator Aaron McGruder tried to get a live-action Uncle Ruckus movie crowdfunded before the reboot was announced. However, that never materialized and fans were wondering what would become of the franchise. During recent announcements for HBO Max, the company touted THe Boondocks as a big animated project to look forward to. Clearly, the fanbase is still trying to see some sort of revival happen.

"There's always been interest in a live-action Boondocks movie, which to me was out of the question considering Huey and Riley are essentially impossible to cast," the site read. "The animated feature would cost around $20 million, but a live action Uncle Ruckus movie could cost a fraction of that. So just for the hell of it we had the costume made and it was pretty amazing. To see Gary actually transform into Uncle Ruckus… it's quite the surreal experience. I never expected the transition to be so completely seamless."

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