Fans Aren't Happy With This 'Boruto' Translation

Boruto: Naruto Next Generations has been a welcome series for fans of Naruto Shippuden who didn't [...]

Boruto: Naruto Next Generations has been a welcome series for fans of Naruto Shippuden who didn't want to see it end, but they weren't exactly expecting a translation to throw them for a loop.

Crunchyroll, a major anime streaming service providing English subtitles to Japan's latest anime releases, has made a rare error noted by Boruto fans on Reddit.

According to Reddit user Flowli, in episode 12 of the anime where Boruto is talking with Mitsuki about his dad, Boruto says "Kachan ni Deredere shite" which loosely translates to either "He's lovestruck towards mom," or "He's lovey dovey towards mom."

The Crunchyroll translation of the episode, however, has Boruto say "He makes Mom do everything, can't do a thing around the house." If Flowli is correct, the Crunchyroll translation has Boruto take more of a snippy shot at his father rather than take a shot that highlights how emotional Naruto is with with Boruto's mother Hinata.

Some fans have taken this mistranslation with more of a humorous stride, as user RedVelvetGod claims "Crunchyroll subbers are NarutoXSasuke shippers that do not believe in NaruHina" or how user Skwr09 "love[s] that Naruto loves his wife so much."

Other fans are taking this as a more serious reflection of English subtitled anime in general with user KDG_Fries noting that moments like this have "slowly been turning [him] off to [sic] subbed anime" as "the translator incorrectly translates something or the translation is just better off said in [E]nglish rather than attempt to put it in context of subtitles."

But other fans, like user sarahthespy, prefer the Crunchyroll version as the newer translation didn't "didn't make sense to [them] because if he's complaining about his dad, why does he talk about his dad loving his mom."

If you're undecided as to whether or not you prefer the Crunchyroll translation or the newer version, Flowli elaborated a bit on the root of the translation stating, "What Boruto meant here is Naruto lets out his goofy composure a lot of the time around Hinata because of his affection for her, which in Boruto's eyes and what he's telling Mitsuki, that shows discomposure judging off the way people view the 7th Hokage."

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