Boruto Reveals Plans For A New Kind of Karma Weapon

Boruto: Naruto Next Generations continues the intricate second-round chess game between Hidden [...]

Boruto: Naruto Next Generations continues the intricate second-round chess game between Hidden Leaf and the Kara Organization, following the death of its "god" and leader, Isshiki Otsutsuki. Upon his death, Isshiki unleashed the new threats of Code and Ada, two advanced (and deadly) Kara cyborgs, with unique powers. Meanwhile, the Shinobi of Hidden Leaf know that this new threat is gathering in the shadows - and that the village no longer has the former powers of Naruto and Sasuke to protect it - or to protect the two legendary shinobi themselves. Kawaki has been scheming on how to obtain new power that can defeat Code, and now he may have found it!

Warning: Boruto Chapter 59 SPOILERS Follow!

In Boruto chapter 59, Kara scientist Amado approaches Kawaki and kills any hopes that the boy has about saving Boruto. Kawaki wanted to have Boruto imprint Code with a Karma seal, giving Boruto's consciousness a new home when the soul of Momoshiki Otsutsuki inevitably takes over Boruto's body. Amado breaks down every stage of Kawaki's plan without having to be told, and quickly points out the major flaws in it:

  1. Code was an imperfect vessel for Isshiki, so it stands to reason he will be an imperfect vessel for Boruto.
  2. Code was never fully "Otsutsuki-fied" by the Karma download process, and can't be a vessel until that process is complete - a process Code will never stand in place and let happen.

Amado baits the hook by proposing that Kawaki seized his own power to be able to defend his hero, the Hokage, "In the form of a Karma that's purely a weapon."

Boruto Kawaki New Karma Weapon Amado Manga 59 Spoilers

Amado's theory (which he explains later to Class Rep) is that Kawaki is now a house of Otsutsuki power, only with no door to access that power and no occupant to fill the house. But what if Kawaki had a door to access that entire house of Otsutsuki power for himself? Amado proposes to create a new Karma seal for Kawaki, one "that's purely a weapon." This new Karma would allow him access to the mark's formidable Otsutsuki abilities, without turning him into the vessel for an Otsutsuki.

Later on, Sumire calls out Amado over the fact that his offer to Kawaki is far from benevolent. Whatever Amado has planned, you can bet that Kawaki's triumph (or even well-being) is not the end goal. At the same time, this feels like the first foreshadow of an important development: if Amado can weaponize Karma and remove the Otsutsuki possession threat, it would go a long way to explaining how Boruto and Kawaki are still themselves - but still battling with Karma powers - in their ominous flash-forward duel.

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