Boruto Drops Clever Throwback with Naruto Latest Introduction

Naruto Uzumaki made his debut well over a decade ago, and fans continue to revisit the ninja whenever possible. From watching his first days on the job to checking out his Homage run, there is a lot of history to check out with Naruto. And now, Boruto just made a special throwback with the hero following his introduction to Kawaki.

If you are caught up with the anime, then you will know what's up. The show focused on an original episode this week that introduced Kawaki to Naruto. The Seventh Hokage was ready to meet the boy despite the latter being so surly. And when Kawaki tried to clock the village leader, well - Naruto caught his first in hand without any issue.

Now, this scene might have seemed familiar to you. In fact, some netizens admitted they got deja vu from the whole encounter, and that is because this moment was mirrored earlier. If you will remember, Sasuke and Boruto had a very similar meeting way back in the day. The boy had never met the Uchiha until he was a genin, and Sasuke surprised Boruto by coming to his home after learning about Momoshiki.

Well, in true Boruto style, the boy thought Sasuke was his father. This prompted Boruto to swing a punch as Sasuke unknowingly, but the older man caught the hit with ease. Nowadays, the pair have become close as Sasuke is a sort of mentor to Boruto. Now, it seems like Naruto is poised to become the same for Kawaki, so this aggressive greeting seems to have worked out for the kids!


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