Boruto Foreshadowed Karma's Purpose in the Manga Awhile Back

In the latest story arc of Bourto: Naruto Next Generations, the origin of Karma and its use within [...]

In the latest story arc of Bourto: Naruto Next Generations, the origin of Karma and its use within the Kara Organization were revealed as the one time research and development director, Amado, sought sanctuary with Konoha, and it seems as if the true purpose of the "power up" was hinted at far earlier in the manga. With Boruto holding the power of Karma within himself, much like his father had struggled with the power and spirit of the nine tailed fox that had once threatened the Hidden Leaf Village, it's clear that his struggle with this Otsutsuki based device will continue.

Karma, as revealed in the latest story arc of the series, is a "storage device" for members of the Otsutsuki to place themselves inside to eventually overtake a body that they have been implanted into. Boruto, who has Karma residing within himself that houses the spirit of Momoshiki, is in a terrible predicament where he has to struggle with the eventuality that his body might be overtaken at some point. Though Jigen, the leader of Karma, is being overtaken by the Otsutsuki himself, his Karma implant isn't exactly operating in the same way as he is simply being manipulated by the spirit of a celestial ninja.

Twitter User Spiralling Sphere shared this older manga panel that shows off Momoshiki promising Boruto that he will "lose everything", hinting that the Karma that has been implanted within the son of the seventh Hokage will eventually lead to his doom:

Boruto: Naruto Next Generations has yet to introduce the Kara Organization into the anime proper, though they have appeared in the newest OP for the series, showing that they are going to look pitch perfect with their original appearances from the manga. While Momoshiki himself gave us one of the best fights in the history of the franchise as he fought against the ninjas of Konoha, he is still residing within Boruto to this day and recently made an appearance to "help" in defeating the Kara member named Boro.

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