Naruto Sets Up Its Next Group of Boruto Villains

Boruto has tangled with his fair share of villains to date, and it seems like a new breed of [...]

Boruto has tangled with his fair share of villains to date, and it seems like a new breed of baddies is on the horizon. Up until now, the hero has faced everything from enemy ninja to terrorist groups and pseudo-gods. Now, it looks like some new baddies are on the way, and they are the most sci-fi bunch of them all.

The update came not long ago thanks to chapter 56. Boruto: Naruto Next Generations put up its latest release that dove into the aftermath of Isshiki's death. Our heroes are trying to figure out what's next for the village, and it turns out the Hidden Leaf needs to be wary of rogue cyborgs.

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And yes, you did read that right. Cyborgs are joining the world of Naruto, and they are about to become a big threat to our heroes.

The whole problem began at the chapter's end when it was revealed Code found a cyborg once created by Kara. It was reported that these cyborgs were all killed for being stronger than Jigen, but they did not all die. It seems Garo saved one, and Code is eager to show what these cyborgs can do in battle.

As it turns out, Amado set up the whole situation when he explained the cyborg situation to Naruto and his group.

"Actually, there were several cyborgs among those I had created that greatly surpassed Jigen's power, but they were all disposed of, as per Jigen's orders," the scientist said.

Now, it seems like cyborgs are about to bring some sci-fi flair to the series. This is uncharted territory for Naruto, but fans are eager to see how it goes under Masashi Kishimoto's care. After all, the artist has had a long interest in the genre, so fans will get to see Kishimoto flex those muscles in Boruto soon.

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