New Boruto Promo Teases Team 7's Search-and-Rescue Mission

Boruto: Naruto Next Generations has introduced the long awaited Kara Organization into the franchise's anime, hinting at some big trouble on the way for both the son of Naruto and the entirety of the Hidden Leaf Village, and it seems as though Team 7 are going to go on a serious "search and rescue" mission to start the fight against Jigen and his cronies. Long have fans of the Masashi Kishimoto created franchise waited for the events of the anime to follow those of the manga and with Kara having finally appeared in full, Konoha is going to have a lot of balls to juggle.

In previous episodes, Boruto and his team have begun to realize the very real threat of Kara, with Sasuke and Sai originally being dispatched on a mission to learn more about them. With a specific researcher seemingly holding answers that would benefit the Hidden Leaf Village in the potential upcoming war, it's clear that Bortuo, Sarade, and Mitsuki are going to have to do some leg work when it comes to making sure that their target makes it out of the mission alive. With the image that was shown along with the episode synopsis, it seems that Mitsuki is in a pretty bad spot as Boruto carries him across the sand.

Twitter User Abdul_S17 shared the upcoming eposide synopsis for Boruto: Naruto Next Generations' 159th installment, that shows that the "search and rescue" mission of Team 7 might not be going as cut and dry as they would have originally hoped:

The anime has taken some time to get into the events of Konoha's war with the Kara Organization, and is adding new elements to the upcoming battle with characters such as newcomer Deepa, but this event is certainly one that fans of the manga have been looking forward to for some time. We personally can't wait to see some of the big events and fight scenes from this latest arc brought to life thanks in part to Studio Pierrot's anime production.


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