Naruto Just Gave Boruto a Student of His Very Own

It seems like every ninja in the Hidden Leaf has had the unique experience of becoming a teacher. Time and again, genin have been assigned to higher-ranking ninja who must become sensei whether they like it or not. From Kakashi to Tsunade, the list goes on and on which is why things are about to shake up for Boruto Uzumaki. The boy has got to dip his toes into teaching, and fans are interested to see how this experiment goes down.

Boruto: Naruto Next Generations put out a promo for its next episode which teases the ninja's educational journey. Episode 149 will follow the genin after he is assigned to watch over Tento, the son of the Fire Nation's leader. The little boy comes off as a crybaby who often buys his way through life, but Boruto isn't going to let that fly.

After all, Tento wants to be taught some ninjutsu, and he is only going to learn those moves through Boruto. It will fall to Naruto's son to educate the boy not only on the ninja arts but how to be dedicated enough to learn them period. You cannot buy your way into becoming a stellar ninja; Just like Boruto learned a long way back, there are things in life which require genuine effort.

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(Photo: Studio Pierrot)

Of course, this is not the first time an Uzumaki has been roped into teaching someone. Back in the day, Naruto found himself taking on Konohamaru after the young Sarutobi chose to run away from his mentor Ebisu. The pair continued their training on-and-off through the years, and many refer to Konohamaru as Naruto's protege. And if Tento plays his cards right, he might become a ninja as strong as Boruto should he train like he's told to.


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