'Boruto' Will Reveal [SPOILER'S] Sinful Past Soon

Warning! Spoilers for Boruto’s 27th episode lie below:Boruto may be in the middle of a filler [...]

Warning! Spoilers for Boruto's 27th episode lie below:

Boruto may be in the middle of a filler arc, but the anime isn't letting the storyline slow it down. Last week, the series saw one of Boruto's closest friends get kidnapped in the Hidden Mist Village. And, later this week, the anime will reveal the hidden sins lingering in Kagura's past.

This weekend, a new synopsis for Boruto dropped, and Ken Xyro shared a translated description for its next episode on Twitter. You can check out the synopsis of "The Shinobi Battle of Friendship" below:

"Hachiya Tsurushi used to be Kagura's classmate during his Academy Days. To lure Boruto and the others who he considers trouble in one way or another, he kidnaps Denki. Boruto always puts his friends first, so he wants to rescue Denki as soon as possible but finds the enemy waiting for them. How will Boruto get out of this huge mess…?!

His hidden past is? Kagura recalls events of his past in front of Boruto and the others. How does Boruto and his friends feel about Kagura and his unpleasant past sin?!"

As you can see, Kagura is about to open up about his past over on Boruto. The young ninja may just be a Chunin, but it seems like the boy has seen plenty in the wake of the Fourth Great Shinobi War. Fans already know Kagura has been chosen to become a new Swordsmen of the Mist, but Kagura's outright refusal to succeed his current Mizukage has fans curious.

If Kagura is being considered to succeed the Mizukage one day, the boy must have talent. Fans have only gotten a taste of the boy's power since Kagura appears to shy away from battle. His mock-fight with Boruto was a hesitant one, and Kagura was noticeably freaked out when he disarmed Boruto. Fans are wondering if Kagura may have followed the Bloody Mist Village's ideology as a child, making him someone who shed blood for trivial reasons. As a reformed shinobi, Kagura may veer away from combat out of his fear of the past, and Boruto will surely help the Mist Village genius through the on-going trauma.

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