'Boruto' Is About To Pit Naruto's Son Against The New Akatsuki

Warning! Spoilers for Boruto’s 18th chapter lie below!It’s been a long wait for fans of [...]

Warning! Spoilers for Boruto's 18th chapter lie below!

It's been a long wait for fans of Boruto, but the manga just dropped its latest chapter not too long ago. The series' 18th chapter meets up with Boruto as the hero's team explores the complex world of scientific ninja tools, but that isn't the only thing the hero is pitted against.

After all, the chapter does end with the Hokage sending Boruto's team out to investigate whether their teacher is still alive or not.

Boruto's squad was sent to help out the Leaf Village's team of scientific researchers, but their mission was cut short by a call from Naruto. The Hokage informed Team 7 that their teacher lost communication with the village while on a mission, and Naruto needs the team to check on the Jounin.

"This is regarding Konohamaru who's currently in the middle of doing a mission at the out-skirts of the village borders. Actually, all communications have creased with him just short a while ago. His comrade, Muguno, was accompanying him for this. We don't know their circumstances and whether or not they're safe," Naruto explained.

After the team accepts the mission, Naruto comments that Konohamaru's lapse is a rather unusual one.

"This is so uncharacteristic of him. If it was actually a threat to such a huge extent, he would have waited for reinforcements. He would've understood the situation at hand and dealt with it in a composed manner."

Of course, fans will know why the ninja lost communication with the Leaf Village. Boruto's last chapter ended with Konohamaru's squad being ambushed by a strange ninja. The perpetrator managed to wound Konohamaru's comrades while he investigated a crashed blimp owned by the organization Kara. When readers last saw the Leaf hero, he was preparing to fight the mysterious villain, and Boruto is about to jump right into the thick of the battle (or its aftermath) with his team. So, here's to hoping Katasuke gives Boruto a slick ninja tool or three to help him fend off the Kara sympathizers who are giving his teacher a hard time.

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