Burn the Witch Shares New Clip Ahead of Premiere

Burn the Witch has kept fans waiting for a while now, but the anime is set to debut in a matter of days. Tite Kubo's new title will take over the fall season next week, and a new clip has been released in honor of its release. Now, fans can check out a new scene from the miniseries, and it gives them a better idea of who Bruno Bangnyfe is.

The clip, which can be found below, is a simple one. The reel follows Ninny and Noel as they take a flight over Reverse London. They are joined in the sky by Bruno who is part of Top of Horns. The man happens to be the leader of the Inks Division and is insanely strong. He appears to be working with the girls to eliminate a dragon known as Cinderella, but our heroines aren't too thrilled about the gig.

The Burn the Witch clip simply shows the trio talking, and Balgo loses his temper more than once. See is clearly hotheaded and likes to dive headfirst into action. In a way, Ninny has this in common with Balgo, but she has Noel around to keep her in check. Balgo doesn't have someone like this by his side, so he isn't too happy when Noel pipes up.

If you have read the Burn the Witch manga, then you will know how this battle goes down. Cinderella isn't your average dragon, and it will take more than mundane magic to take her down. That is why Bruno better be happy to have these girls with him. After all, without Noel and Ninny around, there is no way this madcap would walk away from this mission alive. You will be able to see this mission unfold for yourself when Kubo's new story debuts in early October.

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