Netflix Pitches Castlevania Crossover with JoJo's Bizarre Adventure

Castlevania kept fans on the hook for a long time with season three, but the show finally [...]

Castlevania kept fans on the hook for a long time with season three, but the show finally delivered last week. After a hefty wait, Netflix brought the show out for fans, and the anime fandom embraced it fully. Of course, it did not take the community long to spot easter eggs hiding in the show, and it was Netflix that went ahead and pitched the JoJo's Bizarre Adventure crossover which season three is begging for.

The whole thing began on Twitter when Netflix made a compelling post for fans. The streaming service asked who is ready to set up a Castlevania x JoJo crossover which takes place in the Joestar Mansion.

"Okay, who's gonna write the Jojo x Castlevania crossover fanfiction that gets the Stone Mask from The Collector to the Joestar mansion," NX on Netflix asked.

As you can see above, the crossover does make pretty solid sense. For those who have not seen the latest season of Castlevania, it features a man called The Collector. The old man is a mysterious one this season, but one of his relics should be familiar. He seems to be holding a colorful mask that looks very similar to the Stone Masks from JoJo.

Anime fans will be familiar with the Stone Mask because they appear all over the fandom thanks to JoJo. For those who do not know, the masks appear in both Phantom Blood and Battle Tendency. The most famous of these masks is one which rested in the Joestar Mansion and featured vampiric features. Of course, this look caught the attention of Dio Brando who used it to turn himself into a vampire. It is this mask that seems to be nodded at in Castlevania, and since the Netflix series is all about vampires, you can see how this easter egg makes sense. So if someone wants to come up with a crossover ASAP, that would be great!

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