Castlevania Season 4 Reviews: What Critics Are Saying

Castlevania has been one of the best originals to come from Netflix yet, but all good things must [...]

Castlevania has been one of the best originals to come from Netflix yet, but all good things must come to an end. If you did not know, the anime is slated to end with season four this month, and fans are eager to see how its story ends. Today, a slew of reviews went out for Castlevania at last, and it seems critics are satisfied by how season four plays out.

Of course, did our own review of the season thanks to Evan Valentine. Our resident Castlevania buff had nothing but praise for the finale as Valentine describes season four as "satisfying [and] unpredictable."

(Photo: Netflix)

"Amid the blood and guts, Castlevania takes the opportunity to dive into what it means to be a creature of the night and/or a vampire, which allows for some interesting character development that gives something for fans to mull over in the final moments," the review reads.

"We can't imagine that any fans that have watched, and loved, the previous three seasons won't find the final season a worthy send-off to Trevor and the gang."

As for other critics, the team at Bloody Disgusting gave the fourth season 4.5 stars out of 5. The site calls the ending "brave," writing, "Castlevania confidently closes the book with this final season and delivers a conclusion that feels complete, but also natural and earned."

Gizmodo also heaped praise on the season though did lament the finale's slow start. It seems few critics walked away disappointed by the series in its last moments, and each review stresses how much story is left in Castlevania to explore. Hopefully, Netflix will expedite its spin-offs for the series, so this will not be the last we see of Castlevania's world... not by a long shot.

If you want to catch up with Castlevania ahead of season four, the show is currently available on Netflix or home video through Viz Media. The show's final season will debut on May 13.

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