Castlevania: How Season Four Sets Up Potential Sequels And Spinoffs

Castlevania's final season arrived last week on Netflix, with the long-awaited story bringing to a [...]

Castlevania's final season arrived last week on Netflix, with the long-awaited story bringing to a close the adventures of Trevor and his fellow vampire hunters following them achieving their ultimate goal of destroying Dracula. Though the series might now be over, Powerhouse Animation and Netflix haven't been shy about revisiting the series with a spin-off and/or sequel that will bring fans back to this world of the supernatural, and the finale for the show certainly peppered in plenty of Easter Eggs as to how the animated series could continue.

Warning. This article will dive into serious spoilers for Castlevania's fourth season, so if you have yet to watch the final episodes, you might want to steer clear.

The major spin-off opportunity of course arises from not only the fact that Trevor was able to survive his fight with Death himself but also in that Sypha revealed that she was with child in the final episode of the series. As fans of the games know, Trevor and Sypha give birth to Simon Belmont, the first whip cracker in the Castlevania series when it landed on the Nintendo Entertainment System. A potential sequel could take the camera off the two protagonists and place it onto their son, retelling the story of the first-ever entry in the supernatural franchise.

(Photo: Powerhouse)

Another possibility is if Powerhouse Animation decided to go full-on "Symphony of the Night" and devote an entire series to just Alucard, focusing on his journey to stop his father from being resurrected once again. Of course, considering the "post-credit" scene of the fourth season, it seems as if Dracula's son won't have to worry about someone attempting to resurrect his father.

Of course, the biggest surprise of the final moments of the season turned out to be the fact that not only had Dracula come back to life, but his wife, and mother to Alucard, Lisa had come back as well. Following Death's attempt at bringing them back to life via the "Divine Hermaphrodite", Dracula and Lisa are inexplicably out of hell and attempting to leave their violent lives behind them.

In the world of Castlevania, there are countless story possibilities that can be based on the games, taking place hundreds of years apart and giving us plenty more adventures that hadn't been touched upon in Netflix's popular series.

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