How Castlevania Season Four Comes To A Close

Castlevania has come to a close with the arrival of the fourth season on the streaming platform of [...]

Castlevania has come to a close with the arrival of the fourth season on the streaming platform of Netflix, bringing to a close the adventures of Trevor, Sypha, and Alucard as they seek to protect the world in the absence of the lord of the vampires himself, Dracula, and we have a break down for how the video game adaptation has come to a close. In our review for the final season, we noted that while the ending will definitely be satisfying for fans of this video game adaptation, there are some big surprises when it comes to the finale.

Warning. This article will dive into major spoilers for the fourth and final season of Castlevania, so turn back now if you don't want the ending revealed.

As fans know, there are plenty of characters to keep track of when it comes to the large cast of the Netflix animated series, but the ending for Isaac, Hector, Carmilla, and her sisters comes a few episodes before we see the finale for Trevor and his fellow vampire slayers. Isaac specifically targets Carmilla, eradicating the vampire queen with a combination of his own strength and a gaggle of demons created by his hand. With Carmilla gone, two of her sisters decide to flee and live out their lives on their terms, while Lenore chooses to commit suicide rather than become the prisoner of Hector. Luckily for humanity, Isaac has had a change of heart throughout his adventures and decides to not follow through on his plan to eradicate humanity, instead focusing on his own life while still holding power over the night creatures he created.

Castlevania Season Four Ending
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On the flip side of things, Alucard and Sypha, following Trevor's battle against Death wherein the Belmont, decide to create a town that they adorably will name "Belmont". The sorceress also reveals that she is currently pregnant, which makes Trevor's apparent death all the more tragic, though not for long. A horse wanders to their encampment outside of Alucard's abode, carrying Trevor atop it, with it being revealed that the Belmont was able to survive his encounter with death, making for a happy reunion to end the series.

Of course, the major reveal is that following Death's plan to resurrect Dracula, his plan was actually successful as Dracula and Lisa appear in the final moments of the series, attempting to live out the rest of their lives free from the world of blood and violence that they so often found themselves in. Needless to say, while this might be the final season for these characters, there are plenty of story beats set up that could lead into a sequel or spin-off, especially if it were to follow the child of Trevor and Sypha in Simon Belmont, who was the first protagonist of the Castlevania series.

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